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USGS Optimization Training

Basic Concepts

Identify and meet decistion makers

  • Identify the physically-based and political entities that make or significantly affect water-management decisions.
  • Meet with progessively larger groups of these entities.
  • Consider forming a technical advisory committee

Define the water-management problem

  • Define general water-management issues.
  • Define water-management items that can be controlled (decision variables).
  • Write objectives and constraints in commonly used words.
  • Define the water-management time frame (management horizon)

Formulate the problem mathematically

  • Write objectives and constraints as mathematical equations.
  • Formulate an optimization model to solve a specific problem.

Choose computer codes

  • Determine method of calculating response of the groundwater-flow system.
  • Select constrained optimization software.
  • Review formulation with water-management decision makers.

Solve the optimization problem

  • Solve the constrained optimization model using selected software and,
    if necessary, a groundwater-flow model.
  • Review optimization results with decision makers.
  • Reformulate the optimization problem, if necessary.

Develop water-management monitoring system

  • Define and plan to collect additional hydrologic data needed to confirm
    critical water-management assumptions and conclusions.
  • Monitor key decision variables and constraints to determine ongoing
    success of the water-management plan.

Implement water-management plan