Water-Level Studies in the Antelope Valley and Fremont Valley Groundwater Basins

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USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) Water Data for California


Well-Numbering System

Wells are identified and numbered according to their location in the rectangular system for the subdivision of public lands. Identification consists of the township number, north or south; the range number, east or west; and the section number. Each section is divided into sixteen 40-acre tracts lettered consecutively (except I and O), beginning with “A” in the northeast corner of the section and progressing in a sinusoidal manner to “R” in the southeast corner. Within the 40-acre tract, wells are sequentially numbered in the order they are inventoried. The final letter refers to the base line and meridian. In California, there are three base lines and meridians; Humboldt (H), Mount Diablo (M), and San Bernardino (S). Well numbers consist of 15 characters and follow the format 008N013W15M001S. Wells in the same township and range are referred to only by their section designation, 15M1. The following diagram shows how the number for well 8N/13W-15M1 is derived.

grid diagram illustrating how California groundwater well numbers are derived from Township, Range, and Section designations


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Map illustrating the detailed location of the Antelope Valley study area

Antelope & Fremont Valleys: Detailed Basin Map

Map of the Antelope Valley groundwater level contours

Antelope Valley Water-Level Contours

Map of the Antelope Valley groundwater level changes

Antelope Valley Water-Level Changes