San Antonio Creek Water Availability

San Antonio Creek Valley Monitoring

In order to understand the integrated hydrologic systems, many different types of data are being gathered from both the surface water and groundwater system. Learn about these data types and explore them with the interactive map.

San Antonio Creek Monitoring Networks

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Groundwater Basin


Vandenberg Air Force Base

Barka Slough
(USGS National Hydrology Dataset, 1:24,000/1:12,000 scale)


Water-Level Contours (1943); contour interval is variable

Quarterly Water-Level Data Sites

Periodic Water-Level Data

        Real-Time Water-Level Data

Historic Water Quality Sites

Water Quality Sites

        Water-Table Monitoring Well Sites

        Multiple-Well Monitoring Sites

Surface Water Sites


Streambed Electrical Resistance Sensors (SERS)

Temperature Rods (TROD)