San Diego Hydrogeology

Explanation of Data

  • Text/symbol color blue indicates data are available.
  • Text/symbol color orange indicates data that will become available soon.
  • Text/symbol color indicates data not collected.



Date drilled: 8/12/2009
Basic characteristics:
description, photos, map, view cores, measure detail
Geophysical logs: view (PDF), raw data
.wcl = WellCAD files that require specialized software to view
.las = Century software that requires a free program to view
.pdf = requires Adobe Acrobat to view
Lithologic logs: summary, shaker, sieve, view shaker, view sieve
Nearby surface-water site: none


Terms: NWIS - National Water Information System

Note: Water levels are not adjusted to freshwater equivalents.

Basic characteristics:

  • Description - Brief site description that includes DWR station name, USGS site number, location, period of record, hole and perforation depths.
  • Photos - Well site photos which may include drilling, vault installation, equipment installed, and surrounding area.
  • Map - Location of site using NWIS feature or a dynamic map having more basemap features.
  • View cores - Chart showing core number, depth, and recovery information.
  • Measure detail - Diagram showing measurement options and altitude of the site.
Geophysical logs:
  • View (PDF) - Well construction diagram with core locations and elogs shown in PDF format.
  • Raw data - Folders and subfolders containing raw elog files in various formats that require specialized software to view, and composite PDF documents.
Lithologic logs:
  • Summary - Very brief general lithology.
  • Shaker - Description of shaker lithology at depth.
  • Sieve - Description of sieve lithology at depth.
  • View shaker - Photos of shaker sample trays.
  • View sieve - Photos of sieve sample trays.

Project Chief: Wes Danskin
Phone: 619-225-6132

Welcome to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) San Diego Hydrogeology project website, which provides geologic and hydrologic information for the transboundary San Diego–Tijuana area, USA and Mexico. This website provides background information about the project; a variety of news items; a large amount of data, in particular for USGS multiple-depth, monitoring-well sites; geologic and hydrologic models; and additional resources including photos, illustrations, and references. Last updated: April 2016

Some additional data may be available from the USGS database National Water Information System (NWIS).

Questions about San Diego Hydrogeology? Please contact Wes Danskin (email: or send a letter). 619.225.6132