San Diego Hydrogeology

New monitoring well site being installed in the San Pasqual Valley

The USGS, in cooperation with the City of San Diego, will being installing a multiple-depth monitoring well site in the San Pasqual Valley beginning September 26, 2012. Drilling and installation of the site will take approximately 10 days.

The well site (SDLH) is located immediately east of Lake Hodges and is designed to monitor water levels and water quality in the river-channel deposits, the weathered granitic bedrock, and the hard granite. The water-level data will be monitored continuously, uploaded via satellite to the USGS database, and displayed on this project webpage, similar to other multiple-depth well sites in the San Diego area, such as the Santa Ysabel site (SDSY) located in the eastern part of San Pasqual Valley.

As usual, you are more than welcome to visit the site; bring your friends, Cub Scout packs, university classes, cameras. Just stop by; we will have an educational outreach area to help us synthesize the information and help communicate it to you. Or call me at the mobile phone below and we’ll set up a time to meet at the site.

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Project Chief: Wes Danskin
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Some additional data may be available from the USGS database National Water Information System (NWIS).

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