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Yucaipa Valley Hydrogeology

Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Yucaipa Valley Hydrogeology website. This site provides hydrologic data collected or compiled by the USGS in the Yucaipa area; some additional data may be available from the USGS database National Water Information System (NWIS).

Project Chief: Greg Mendez
Phone: 619-225-6176

Maps and Illustrations


Open-File 2003-0301
The Yucaipa 7.5' quadrangle contains materials and structures that provide unique insight into the Mesozoic and Cenozoic geologic evolution of southern California. Stratigraphic and structural elements include: (1) strands of the San Andreas Fault that bound far-traveled terranes of crystalline and sedimentary rock; (2) Mesozoic crystalline rocks that form lower and upper plates of the regionwide Vincent-Orocopia Thrust system; and (3) late Tertiary and Quaternary sedimentary materials and geologic structures that formed during the last million years or so and that record complex geologic interactions within the San Andreas Fault system. These materials and the structures that deform them provide the geologic framework for investigations of geologic hazards and ground-water recharge and subsurface flow.

CA Groundwater: Bulletin 118

Open-File 2003-0301

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has long recognized the need for collection, summary, and evaluation of groundwater data as tools in planning optimal use of the groundwater resource. An example of this is DWR's Bulletin 118 series. Bulletin 118 presents the results of groundwater basin evaluations in California.

The update to California's Groundwater, Bulletin 118 was released to the public in early October 2003. Bulletin 118 - Update 2003 is the first comprehensive report on groundwater since 1980 when Bulletin 118-80 was published.

Land Use

Land use from the Southern California Association of Governments

Land use 1990
Land use 2005

Surface Water

Stream gages from San Bernardino County

Surface water gages

Water Districts

Boundaries from South Mesa Water Co., Western Heights Water Co.,
and Yucaipa Valley Water District

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