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Yucaipa Valley Hydrogeology

Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Yucaipa Valley Hydrogeology website. This site provides hydrologic data collected or compiled by the USGS in the Yucaipa area; some additional data may be available from the USGS database National Water Information System (NWIS).

Project Chief: Greg Mendez
Phone: 619-225-6176

Yucaipa Subbasin Integrated Hydrologic Model

A numerical flow model is needed as a tool that integrates all hydrologic data and understanding developed from previous and ongoing work in the basin. For more information, click here.


Geologic structure of the Yucaipa area inferred from gravity data, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, California

Open-File Report 2016-1127

Prepared in cooperation with the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District
G.O. Mendez, V.E. Langenheim, Andrew Morita, and W.R. Danskin
DOI: 10.3133/ofr20161127


Gravity Video

Gravity video explanation

Related Report

Cover page of USGS Water Resources Investigation Report 2000-4269

The quality of surface water and ground water in the Yucaipa area was evaluated to determine general chemical characteristics and to identify areas of recent groundwater recharge. Water samples, collected from 8 sites on 3 creeks and from 25 wells, were analyzed for general chemistry, nutrients, tritium, and stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen. At one production well (1S/2W-25R4), water samples were collected at discrete depths during pumping and a continuous profile of the vertical flow rate inside the well casing was recorded. In addition to general-chemistry samples, tritium and carbon-14 samples were collected at this well to interpret the age of water at different depths.

Mendez, G.O., Danskin, W.R., and Burton, C.A., 2000, Surface-Water And Ground-Water Quality In The Yucaipa Area, San Bernardino And Riverside Counties, California, 1996-98: U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Investigation Report 2000-4269, 47 p.