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San Diego Hydrogeology

Welcome to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) San Diego Hydrogeology project website, which provides geologic and hydrologic information for the transboundary San Diego–Tijuana area, USA and Mexico. This website provides background information about the project; a variety of news items; a large amount of data, in particular for USGS multiple-depth, monitoring-well sites; geologic and hydrologic models; and additional resources including photos, illustrations, and references. Last updated: April 2016

Some additional data may be available from the USGS database National Water Information System (NWIS).

Project Chief: Wes Danskin
Phone: 619-225-6132

Balboa Park - SDBP (17S/3W-1K1-5)

Lithologic Summary

Land-surface elevation is 99.16 feet above NAVD88. Depth is in feet below land surface.  Soil and rock color notation from Munsell Color (1994).  Drilled by U.S. Geological Survey using hydraulic rotary to 1,600 feet, March 2008.  Total depth drilled 1,501ft.  Well casing to 1,490 ft.  Screened intervals: 1,470-1,490, 1,020-1.040, 560-580, 220-240, and 100-120ft.

Depth (ft) Description
From To
0 10 Sandy gravel; granules-med pebbles w/ med-vc sand; yellowish brown (10YR 5/4)
10 100 Sandy gravel; granules-med pebbles w/ fine-vc sand; olive (5Y 5/3)
100 160 Sandy gravel; granules-sm pebbles w/ fine-vc sand and shell frags; olive (5Y 5/3)
160 270 Sandy silt; silt w/ vf-fine sand and shell frags; v dk gray (5Y 3/1)
270 460 Clayey silt; silt w/ clay and some shell frags; v dk gray (5Y 3/1)
460 500 Silty sand; vf-c sand w/ silt and some shell frags; v dk gray (5Y 3/1)
500 560 Silty clay; clay w/ silt; v dk gray (5Y 3/1)
560 620 Silty sand; vf-c sand w/ silt and some shell frags; v dk gray (5Y 3/1)
620 720 Clay; clay; grayish brown (2.5Y 5/2)
720 830 Clayey sandy silt; silt w/ vf sand and clay; lt olive brown (2.5Y 5/3)
830 940 Sandy silt; silt w/ vf sand; grayish brown (2.5Y 5/2)
940 1,260 Gravel; granules-med pebbles; v dk grayish brown (2.5Y 3/2)
1260 1,501 Clayey silt; silt w/ clay and some vf-medsand; dk gray (2.5Y 4/1)