California Water Science Center

Matthew Landon, Program Chief - California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater Projects Group

Kim Taylor, External Affairs

Laurel Rogers, Press Contact

Tracy Davis, Hydrologist

Justin Kulongoski, Research Hydrologist

Michael Wright, Hydrologist

Loren Metzger, Hydrologist

Rhett Everett, Hydrologist

Robert Anders, Research Hydrologist

Peter Barry, Research Physical Scientist

Geoffrey Cromwell, Geologist

Riley Gannon, Hydrologist

Tyler Johnson, Research Geographer

Michael Land, Hydrologist

Celia Rosecrans, Hydrologist

Michael Stephens, Hydrologist

John Warden, Hydrologist

Jessica Teunis, Hydrologic Technician

Dara Goldrath, Hydrologist

Joshua Johnson, Hydrologic Technician

Anthony McCarlson, Hydrologic Technician

Neil Seitz, Career Intern (Hydrology)

Olga Rodriguez, Career Intern (Hydrology)

Elise Watson, Natural Resources Specialist

Kevin Gereghty, Hydrologist

Benjamin Grafius, Career Intern Recent Graduate (Hydology)

Brandon Ledbetter, Career Intern Recent Graduate (Hydologic Technician)

Maryanne Bobbitt, Career Intern (Hydology)

Nicole Deatheridge, Career Intern (Hydrology)

Colorado Water Science Center

Pete McMahon, Research Hydrologist

Sharon Qi, Physical Scientist/GIS Specialist

Office of Groundwater Branch of Geophysics

John Lane, Chief, Branch of Geophysics

Neil Terry, Postdoctoral Research Hydrologist

Carol Johnson, Research Hydrologist

Frederick Day-Lewis, Research Hydrologist

Eric White, Hydrologist

Water Mission Area, Menlo Park, California

Kathleen Gans, Physical Scientist

Regional Drilling Unit

Steve Crawford, Drilling Supervisor

USGS Research Laboratory Partnerships

Isabelle Cozzarelli, Research Hydrologist , Reston, Virginia

Michelle Lorah, Research Chemist , Baltimore, Maryland

Andy Hunt, Research Chemist , Denver, Colorado

William Orem, Research Chemist , Reston, Virginia

Tamara Kraus, Research Soil Scientist , Sacramento, California

Angela Hansen, Hydrologist , Sacramento, California

Non-USGS Collaborators

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California State University Sacramento

David Shimabukuro, Assistant Professor, Geology Department

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University of Oxford

Peter Barry, Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Chris Ballentine, Chair of Geochemistry