IconBeginner's Guide to MODFLOW
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IconSuggestions on Compiling
IconSuggestions on Enhancing MODFLOW
IconCall Graphs
IconName File
IconLGR Control File
IconArray Reading Utility Modules
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IconInput Files Supported in Various Versions of MODFLOW
IconGroundwater Flow Process
IconBAS6 - Basic Package
IconDIS - Discretization File
IconMULT - Multiplier File
IconZONE - Zone File
IconPVAL - Parameter Value File
IconGroundwater Flow Packages
IconBCF6 - Block-Centered Flow Package
IconLPF - Layer-Property Flow Package
IconHUF2 - Hydrogeologic-Unit Flow Package
IconKDEP - Hydraulic-Conductivity Depth-Dependence Capability
IconLVDA - Model-Layer Variable-Direction Horizontal Anisotropy Capability
IconUPW - Upstream Weighting Package
IconHFB6 - Horizontal Flow Barrier Package
IconUZF - Unsaturated-Zone Flow Package
IconSWI2 - Seawater Intrusion Package
IconBoundary Condition Packages
IconSpecified Head Boundaries
IconBFH - Boundary Flow and Head Package
IconCHD - Time-Variant Specified-Head Package
IconFHB - Flow and Head Boundary Package
IconSpecified Flux Boundaries
IconFHB - Flow and Head Boundary Package
IconRCH - Recharge Package
IconWEL - Well Package
IconHead-Dependent Flux Boundary Packages
IconDRN - Drain Package
IconDRT- Drain Return Package
IconETS - Evapotranspiration Segments Package
IconEVT - Evapotranspiration Package
IconGHB - General-Head Boundary Package
IconLAK - Lake Package
IconLake Bathymetry File
IconMNW1 - Multi-Node, Drawdown-Limited Well Package
IconMNW2 - Multi-Node Well Package
IconRES - Reservoir Package
IconRIP: Riparian Evapotranspiration Package
IconRIV - River Package
IconSFR - Streamflow-Routing Package
IconSTR - Stream Package
IconUZF - Unsaturated Zone Flow Package
IconDE4 - Direct Solver Package
IconGMG - Geometric Multigrid Solver
IconPCG - Preconditioned Conjugate-Gradient Package
IconPCGN - Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver with Improved Nonlinear Control
IconSIP - Strongly Implicit Procedure Package
IconNWT - Newton Solver
IconSuggested input values for the NWT input file
IconOutput Control
IconGAGE - Gage Package
IconHYD - HYDMOD Package
IconLMT6 - Link-MT3DMS Package
IconMNWI - Multi-Node Well Information Package
IconOC - Output Control Option
IconIBS - Interbed-Storage Package
IconSUB - Subsidence and Aquifer-System Compaction Package
IconSWT - Subsidence and Aquifer-System Compaction Package for Water-Table Aquifers
IconObservation Process
IconCHOB - Specified-Head Flow Observation Package
IconDROB - Drain Observation Package
IconGBOB - General-Head-Boundary Observation Package
IconHOB - Head-Observation Package
IconRVOB - River Observation Package
IconSWR - Surface-Water Routing Process
IconSWR1 List Utility Subroutine SSWRLSTRD
IconSWR1 Time Series Utility Subroutine SSWR_RDTABDATA
IconSWR1 Direct Runoff Subroutine (SSWR_RDDRO)
IconFarm Process
IconFarm Process Array and List Reading Utility Modules