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Information for each site in the USGS data base can be retrieved for viewing and for download and import into other software, including GIS software. Includes links to all water data available for individual sites.

The Site Inventory System contains and provides access to inventory information about sites at stream reaches, wells, test holes, springs, tunnels, drains, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, excavations, and water-use facilities.

About 300 components make up the descriptive elements of the site inventory. The retrieval program can be used for retrieving information about sites in summary lists, in detailed tables, or a file suitable for input to other programs. Use the forms below to search for data for a particular site. NWISWeb help is available for the data categories below.
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Real-Time Data
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Recent Daily
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Peak Streamflow
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Streamflow Statistics
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Streamflow Measurements
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Water-Quality Samples
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Site Information

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